Tuesday, 7 October 2014

LYO Epedition Food

LYO Expedition Food by Basecamp Foods, (Theres a link at the bottom of page)

  1. In my opinion backpacking food is really important after a long day on the hills, you need something that is high in calories and tastes good.  Over the years I have tried meals from various manufacturers, but for me over the last couple of years Mountain House has been my food of choice.  The reason for this is I have tasted all of their meals and have not found one that I did not like, and I managed to get a good deal on a bulk buy.  More recently my stocks have depleted and unfortunately I have been unable to get a good deal on bulk buying anymore, for this reason I started looking around at different suppliers and their meals.  I came across Basecamp Foods and identified they had stock in from a firm that I had never heard of before named LYO Expediton. I contacted Basecamp Foods and they offered to send me a couple of samples to try which I recently took with me on a recent trip to the Cairngorms.  One was Penne Bolognaise and the other Pork Stew & Pearl Barley.  I had never seen a pork dehydrated meal before so the Pork Stew & Pearl Barley didn't really seem that appealing, especially as I had previously tried a Fuzion Pearl Barley meal and it was definately not to my liking.  I boiled up the water but cannot recall the exact amount of liquid required, but it was something like 348ml.  This could be improved by putting a fill level on the inside, I then left it to rehydrate for about 10 minutes, I always leave them longer than recommended.  When I opened the meal I was pleasantly surprised by the abount of pork inside, some really big chunks that were really tender and which I had not expected and also plenty of vegtables.  All in all I enjoyed the meal and I would certainly order this again.  The next night I prepared the Penne Bolognaise which had a lot to live up to as the Mountain House Pasta Bolognaise is one of my favourites, the meal did not dissappoint and I would certainly order this meal again.  All in all I enjoyed and like these meals and would certainly use them again instead of Mountain House, if the price was right.The  video I took on my phone so its not great,but shows the meal rehydrated

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