Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Snowy Fairfeild Horseshoe

Well the snow has finally arrived in the Lakes so we decided to do the Fairfeild Horseshoe with a diversion to Cofa Pike we set off early in the darkfrom Rydal church to see if we could get a sunrise,and it worked,it was a stunning one.The forecast was spot on though by 1o o'clock the cloud rolled in for snow showers for the rest of day.It was still good fun though,crampons were only needed for the descent down to Cofa Pike.It still surprises me in winter the amount of people who don't carry any pointy stuff with them.think we counted another 3 people with axes,and there was a lot of people out,and also a lot of people asking which way the path goes!anyway rant over it was a superb day and hopefully we will get a good winter .I did the walk with Peter (@munro277) and Alex (@atkypne) The link below is to my Social Hiking map and also you can download a GPX file for the walk from this link.

Sunrise from Nab Scar

The Conistons

Looking towards Windermere

A snowy St Sunday Crag

Grisdale Tarn 

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