Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Eastern Fells Daywalk (Thelkeld Knotts to Dunmail Raise )

Some Photos and a video from my recent day walk on the Eastern Fellls,we left one car at Dunmail Raise and parked the other just below Threlkeld Knotts I walked it with Peter (@munro277). We started walking about 6.45am in the dark and managed to get to Clough Head for a stunning sunrise,it clagged in from Raise to Helvelyn, but we got a few Broken Spectres on Great Dodd, by just after lunch it cleared again and we had a great end to the walk as we left Dollywaggon Pike and headed back to the Car.
View Towards Helvelyn

Sunrise behind Great Dood

Broken Sprectre 

View towards Ullswater 

The link for the walk and GPX file

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