Sunday, 10 February 2013

A 3 Munro Adventure

Munro's:- Beinn Dubhchraig,Ben Oss,Ben Lui
Date:- 26th October 2012
With:-Richard Flint (@Flintyrich)
Start/Finish Time:-9.00am-21.00pm
(This is my first blog so it might be a bit rubbish,so hopefully they will get better over time)
We had been planning this trip for a few weeks,I was driving up to crianlarich on the Thursday night after work and staying in the syha at crianlarich.Rich was getting the overnight sleeper from London and meeting me on Friday morning.We were up for 3 days and had planned one day walk and then a 2 dayer with overnight camp.This day walk was originaly a 2 day walk,but I  stupidly asked rich if we could do it in a day and he said lets go for it.We parked the car just outside Tyndrum and headed up the Glen,its was a beautiful morning,

The track from Tyndrum
Ben Lu

We left the track and headed up the steep grassy slope up towards Beinn Dubhchraig we were in the shade now so it started to feel cold,but the steep climb soon warmed us up.

The steep climb up toward Beinn Dubhchraig

Me on the summit of Beinn Dubhchraig
Views down to Loch Lomond 
we reached our first munro of the day Beinn Dubhchraig,we had fantastic views, but it was very cold and a biting wind.we took some photos and moved on heading for Ben Oss,we reached its north top first but quickly moved on to its true summit.

Ben Oss with Ben Lui behind
View from Ben Oss summit

We reached Ben Oss summit had a rest and a bite to eat taking in the good views we still had,but we new we had to move on quickly  because we still had Ben Lui to do which was our highest munro of the day.

Ben Lui

We dropped quite away before we started the long slog up to Ben Lui summit,as we got half way up the clag came in and it started snowing,we reached the summit and the wind picked up,but the clag lifted to give us some great views.

We never hung around long on the summit as we started to lose daylight,we dropped to a col and we had a descion to make,there was one more munro on this ridge (Beinn a'chieibh),we made the descion,leave it for another day ,it was nearly dark and we had a two hour walk back to the car.

We headed off the mountain and now it was dark so put headtorches on and set off on our 2 hour walk back to the car,the going was tough though the grass,i also realised how rubbish and uncomfortable my Alpkit gamma headtourch was it was no good for prolonged use,its ok in your tent, but for a long walk in the dark its rubbish,(its now been replaced by a petzl tikka plus 2)the walk back to the car seemed to take forever,but on the plus side we could hear the Stags roaring and it was echoing around the glen,it was a superb sound.we arrived back at the car at 9pm it had been a 12hour walk,but a fantastic day,we set off back to the hostel for some food and a couple of beers.

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