Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Coledale Wander

Here's a video from a recent day walk in Coledale on the 1st of November,myself and Peter (@munro277) decided too do the Coledale Horseshoe,we new by mid afternoon that the wind was too hit gale force to storm force so we set off early too get round before they hit,as we reached Grisedale Pike the wind was already strong,we got too Hopegill Head and headed out on to Gasgale crags and the ridge to Whiteside,its a great ridge this one,well worth a visit,on the way back from the ridge the wind started too get stronger,we clocked a gust of 68mph so we got too the col at Coledale Hause,and decided too call it a day,the wind was only going too get worse.It was still a good little walk.

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