Saturday, 10 January 2015

First trip of 2015 2days in the Far Eastern Fells

It's always good to start the year off with a camp and the weather forecast was looking ok ish,but we had decided on a late ish start for us two (9.00) so we new parking could be a problem so we decided on Kirkstone, there's plenty of free parking there the car park over the road from the Kirkstone Inn,We arrived and it was clagged in and not looking good,off we went heading up to Cauldale Moor as we got half way up it started snowing it didn't last long but the clagg was still down,By the time we reached Thornthwaite Beacon there was finaily a break in the cloud,and within half an hour the skies were blue and the sun was out,HighStreet was our next destination and on the way we bumped into a couple of lads who we chat with on twitter (@Bluehoundini and @Mqpilot they were doing the Kentmere Horsershoe) we walked together till High Street summit then said our good byes and off we went towards the Knott,it was a stunning day now,but there was a biting wind with a -9 windchill,after  the Knott It was onto Ramsgill Head, Kidsty Pike then over towards High Raise via a small diversion too pick up some water for camp.The Sun was starting too set now so we made camp just off the back of High Raise,had a quick brew and a snack and went for a wander by Moonlight down too Red Crag,The moon was nearly full so it lit up the fells, The wind was up a bit so with the windchill its was cold so we headed back too camp for tea and too warm up.The next morning was clear so we had a great sunrise we took some photos had breakfast packed up and left,our plan was too reverse our the morning went on cloud began too gather from the South so we ended the walk as we had started in Clag,it was still a good trip and a great start too the New Year.
Here's a link to the walk and you can download a GPX file from here

Thornthwaite Beacon


  1. blogpackinglight10 January 2015 at 04:19

    The Far Eastern Fells are one of my favourite places

  2. Great send me that nite shot of me and Oscar. On way back from our nite stroll ta

  3. Nice photos and videos of my "local patch" Lee

  4. Did you not used to have a superlite Voyager, or am I thinking of someone else? Grand photos :)

    1. Thanks :-)) Yes I have a voyager but don't use it very often now.