Thursday, 5 February 2015

Langdale Pikes January 2015

After much discussion me and Pete decided on the Langdale pikes from Grasmere for our 2 day trip,it was good road access and with not going too high the winds might be a bit better,we set off about 8.30 on the Saturday morning from Grasmere,it was a sunny morning,but once we got to Blea Rigg the wind was howling and spindrift was hitting us,the snow was also deep so it was tough going,we took it in turns too break trail,it was after lunch by the time we got too High Raise,so from now on the wind was behind us,from there off we went to Thunscar Knotts then Pavey Arc,time was running away from us now so it was time to think about finding somewhere too camp,thoughts were too find somewhere in front of Blea Rigg,The Sun was starting too set and we found a spot between Blea Rigg and Castle How,it seemed ok the wind was behind so we pitched the Trailstars and made camp everything was fine,it was windy but not too bad,but as the evening went on the wind seemed too change and it was hitting the shelters from both sides,and was apparent we were not going too get any after a short conversion we packed up and headed down,on the plus side it was a beautiful Moonlit evening,but wild,an hour and a half later we were back at the Cars,and off home.

View back toward Grasmere

Easdale Tarn

Link To Walk and GPX File

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